Refund Policy


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1) The mode of payment for services and products buying are two  

COD( Cash on Delivery mode)

Cash will be collected by the delivery person assigned to deliver order. Customers are adviced to verify the order that is provided by the delivery order and allow the delivery person to click a photo graph of delivery as proof.

Online Payment

All online payments will be made prior to the order being delivered. The online payment of the product will be paid through the payment gateway and all the payment procedures will be handeled by the gateway.

In case of transaction failure and amount deduction of customer the refund or clarity of amount will be subjected to the time taken by the gateway to process the transaction company in no case has any responsibility of the amount.


Reward Withdrawal

As per the token rewards system the vendors are subjected to get tokens at each order as rewards against products orders. The rewards are saved as tokens named as "EYOM Tokens" in the application. Once a vendor reaches a mentioned threashold amount of tokens it can be withdrawn . The withdrawal of the rewards is done into monetary value which is in INR . The withdrawal is done through the payout feature of payment gateway. In case of delay in the withdrawal process the time will be totally dependent of resolution of the issue with the gateway side.


Cancellation & Refund 

The customer in case of payment of any order through gateway and cancellation of order is subjected to refund of total value of order cancelled with deduction of the gateway charges. The refund will be initated by the company after the cancellation of order and will be processed through the gateway which may take upto 7-10 business days. In case of delay in the refund process the time will be totally dependent of resolution of the issue with the gateway side.

Exchange policy

The customer cannot cancel any order once delivered the customer can later only request for a exchange of product of a order once. The items which can be exchanged are already highlighted to the customer at the time of ordering the product.The customer has to return the older product to the delivery partner at the time of return than only the customer will get the new replaced item. The exchange can be processed with in 15 days of product delivery.

Delivery Policy


The delivery department is maintained by the company all the amounts of Delivery is already included in the product amount and no other charges will be inducted. Also the customer has to allow delivery person to update pictures of the product / customer.